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California Wellness Institute

A better than ever you, inside and out!

(Winter 2012-2013)…The California Wellness Institute opens its doors in Brentwood, CA. A new, state of the art center owned and managed by knowledgeable professionals dedicated to further your health, wellness and beauty. In practice, this means that each person is seen as a unique individual. Disease as a whole is understood to be the result of physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental imbalance. Healing, therefore takes place naturally when these aspects are brought into proper balance. As the patient’s personal practitioner, the centers team guide, mentor, and assist clients quest for optimum health. They are are proactive in assisting patients in doing the work of changing lifestyle, beliefs and old habits in order to facilitate healing. They also assist patients in their desire to live a long, healthy and happy life.

Eugene Rajaratnam, M.D. (Dr. Raj), Founder of the California Wellness Institute, has over 30 years experience in the medical field. During the past five years, he has maintained a practice specializing in BURT and aesthetic medicine. He is a specialty surgeon and a Holistic Practitioner. Dr. Raj has dedicated himself in incorporating both Western and Eastern philosophies of medicine. He has trained with Cenegenics in Las Vegas and was introduced to Regenerative and Age Management medicine.

Carol Christian, a Certified Colon Therapist (CCT) has over 18 years as a practicing Colon Therapist and Organ Detoxification Specialist. Carol is also an experienced wellness coach and healer, a Certified Irodologist and a Certified Essential Oil Specialist. She has developed a business model that provides in facilitating practitioners with all aspects of training required to open future colon hydrotherapy and detoxification wellness centers.

Lance Everett Wyatt, M.D., is the Director of the Wyatt Center for Plastic Surgery and the Institute d'Esthetique. Identified as one of 50 Leaders of Tomorrow by EBONY Magazine, Dr. Wyatt has developed a reputation among peers and patients for his precision, skill, artistry and vision. His patients are a diverse group from around the world, including heads of state, individuals in the business sector, and leaders in the fashion, music, television and motion picture industries.

Megan Darwin, a graduate of the California College of Ayurveda and the American Institute of Vedic studies, specializes in Pancha Karma, Ayuredic treatments and is a Certified Massage Therapist. At Eternal Health and Wellness, Megan will offer a specific menu of body therapies to clients with the intention of bringing balance and healing to their lives.

• Medical Consultation by Dr. Eugene Rajaratnam

• Bio Identical Hormone Replacement

• HCG Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

• Asthetic Laser Treatments

• Fillers, Injectables, and VIPeel

• Colon Hydrotherapy

• Pre-Colonoscopy Preparation

• Ozone Therapy

• Guided Detoxification Programs

• Botanical Supplements

• Ayurvedic Therapy

• Aromatouch Therapy

• Essential Oil Massage Therapy

• Holistic Facials

In regards to the laser treatments, The California Wellness Institute provides the most sophisticated laser and skin care services to our clients. We believe that health and beauty go hand in hand. Looking good and feeling good is an important part of your overall health and wellbeing. We specialize in facial skin treatments including, Smart Skin Co2, Laser Smart Lipo and Elite Rejuvenation Aesthetic Treatments.

AFFIM Anti-Aging Workstation

• Elite MPX Asthetic Workstation

• Smartlipo Laserbody Workstation

• SmartSkin Co2 Laser - Light Therapy

We invite you to visit the California Wellness Institute in regards to upcoming stories pertaining to the above-mentioned topics and others and speak to the experts. Why wait until January 1st to start your New Years resolution when you can change your life now!

Total Body Wellness...

At a time in history when looking and feeling young are important to most of us, there are a couple of very important things to understand and realize: Looking and feeling young doesn't come from pharmaceuticals or from toxic chemicals! With all the environmental pollutants surrounding us in the world today, a Total Wellness Program is not only helpful, but essential in order to achieve and maintain optimal health. A healthy lifestyle and a body that is well nourished is where it's at! If you are ready to take some simple steps to shed a few years off your appearance and start feeling better and healthier than ever, we have some easy ways to get started... DETOXIFY YOUR BODY and begin a total health and wellness program. Call 310.442.8268 NOW to get started!